20. February 2020

Reported problems with Nintendo’s Joy-Con

Two members of the PROMPT consortium, UFC-Que Choisir and Test-Achats, are up in arms against Nintendo after the “Joy-Con” of the Switch player became unusable for thousands of gamers. The faulty part is the joystick, a tiny but central part of the devise, which makes the characters move without any actions for the player. But don’t […]
17. February 2020

Repair made easier in France thanks to new law

An ambitious piece of legislation aiming to boost reparability of products was voted in France on 30th January 2020. There will be several benefits for both consumers’ pockets and the environment. Let’s have a quick overview. As of 1 January 2021, a repair score will appear on smart phones, washing machines, TVs, computers and lawn mowers. […]
24. January 2020

R.U.S.Z. receives the Living Standards Award 2020 in the Category “Reaching International Markets”

On January 23rd 2020, PROMPT partner R.U.S.Z. received the Austrian 2020 Living Standards Award in the category “Reaching international markets”. Repair and service centre R.U.S.Z in Vienna is the largest independent repair workshop for electrical and electronic equipment in Austria. R.U.S.Z. technicians have contributed their decades of experience and technical know-how to the development of a […]
4. November 2019

The contact point “Trop vite usé” takes on a European dimension

Since 2016, Test Achats has been tackling the issue of premature obsolescence thanks to its “Trop vite usé” online contact point, which makes it possible to report devices that have become too quickly unusable. With the support of the PROMPT project, consumer organisations in Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands and Spain joined forces to […]
23. July 2019

PROMPT kicks off

On 9th May 2019, a consortium of researchers, consumer organisations and repair companies and platforms kicked off PROMPT, a project to identify products that fail too early, a phenomenon also known as ‘premature obsolescence’. The 4-year partnership – funded by EU’s biggest research programme Horizon 2020 – is a concrete outcome of the EU’s intention to […]